ABYSS Smart Ocean Technology is a spin-off founded by students who share the passion for the ocean and the deep sea. It all started in 2017 when students were hooked for the idea of developing a submersible.
Starting from scratch, they soon came up with a detailed construction. Driven by passion they developed innovativ and new solutions to adapt the systems for the need of different user groups.
From 2018 onwards, Rhein-Tec GmbH was won as a sponsor.  In 2020 the decision to continue the project with the students in a spin-off was born.
Today we are already much further ahead. The development of a submersible with one pilot and two researchers for a depth rating of 1000 m is now under construction.
In the meantime, Abyss has taken off and started with the development of further smart technologies. The construction of a remotely operated underwater vehicle for a depth rating of 6000 m is under way.  Our engineers also launched the developing process for an autonomous driven vehicle. Relying on experienced and passionate engineers we are excited to see which innovation incurses tomorrow.