Engineering services


Our engineering department develops and constructs technologies for operating and observing under water. This includes a manned research vessel as well as an unmanned underwater robot to a depth up to 6000 meters. Besides the development of those two complete systems, we offer adaptable sub systems as batteries, a battery management system, lightning systems, a complete camera package and many more.


One main focus is to suit those subsystems into any given structure. Striving for perfection in any development means looking for materials and material compositions which meet all requirements. Our experience and the drive for innovation brings us beyond known manufacturing methods in the field of ocean engineering.


Our strength is to handle special requirements such as high pressure at depth ratings up to 6000 meters, small installation space or weight regu-lations. Relying on experienced and passionate engineers we are excited to see which solutions occur tomorrow.



Structure analysis and simulation
Our engineering department not only develops solid sustainable techno-logies for customers in the field of ocean engineering, research institutes and shipyards , it also supports them with structural strength and flow simulations or calculations.
For those purposes our engineers can benefit besides their many years of experience from an ultra-modern and high performance IT infra-structure. Relying on the most modern technology on the market and the consistent passion of each team member, we are excited and curious to see what we obtain tomorrow.





 FEM Analysis



CFD Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics