Research submersible
In cooperation with our partners, we have been developing an innovative submersible of the next generation. The manned underwater research vessel will be constructed in 2022 and will be in use as rentable submersible from 2023 on. Partial blueprints with a DNV GL-certification can be acquired in 2021. All design documents for a full all-over licensed construction can be purchased in 2022.
  operational diving depth:   1000 meters
  pressure test range vessel:   200 bar
  pressure test range energy and control systems:   1000 bar
  crew:   1 pilot and 2 passengers
  material:   Super-Duplex-Steel
  weight:   10 tons
  certification:    DNV GL-certified

Sustainable modular system 


Abyss offers a modular system in which drives, energy systems, and electronics can be connected to different platform supports. The corresponding software gives the system the necessary intelligence.The systems are available in a light version up to 500 Meters and a heavy version up to 6000 meters.
The central component of our development ​

The central component of almost every system is the universal shelter, made out of super duplex steel. It is used to accommodate the control electronics, battery management system and most sensors. The shelter protects all components to a depth up to 6000 meters. We offer a light version for a depth rating of 500 meters and a heavy version withstanding the pressure of 600 bar.